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Er, hi. [waves shyly] Ben's mun here. This, I guess, will be the Official Contact Post if you want to yell at me about something. If I do something egregiously wrong or stupid, please let me know. Or, you know, if you've got kudos, I love to hear that too.

That being said, IP tracking is off, comments are screened, and anon is enabled.

I really enjoy these long, plotty, arc-driven things. That being said, even if it seems like I'm online 24/7, I'm not, actually--and I'm more likely to be around in the afternoons during the week. Depending on my Spousal Unit's schedule, I'll be around some evenings as well. So, if I don't answer for awhile, it's not because I abandoned the thread, necessarily--it's because I do have a flesh-and-blood family that I need to interact with on occasion.

Also, I'm good with back-tagging and will love you forever if you pick up a dropped thread days later so we can continue it.

Anyway, I love you all. Happy RPing.
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The ENSLAVED AU ([ profile] chains_of_grace) was dreamed up in all its heartbreaking glory by [ profile] brings_to_light-mun), and after some tweaking of timelines and events and character, and with the collaboration of [ profile] guriel-mun, I felt comfortable inserting Ben into it. It's gotten big enough to deserve its own activity log.

And under a cut, because, dude. )

Main Arc #1

Sep. 6th, 2020 11:00 am
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And the A-Team stuff goes in here too, because it, amazingly, tied in. This is why I love free-form RP. You never know what will happen.

Under the cut, because holy cow. )

Main Arc #2

Sep. 5th, 2020 01:30 pm
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When last we left our heroes, Guriel got reassigned. Ben's response to that is to go on a bender, while Guriel goes out and relandscapes a park.

The next morning, Razas tells Ben that there's a third verse to the prophecy, which makes Ben grumpy. Ben takes Steven to the park, where he has a talk with Raph -- and Ray, who has a message from Guriel.

Ben goes out for groceries and ends up getting ambushed again. In the meantime, Razas gets a visit from Simon. And then Lucifer shows up. How is this Razas's life?

And Ben decides that, since Steven is getting bigger and bigger, a rabbit-breeding operation might not go amiss.

Ben and Raz go out drinking, and run into Simon, who pushes him to tell Ben what Lucifer's plans are. And the night ends in disaster when Ben beats the absolute shit out of a guy who (probably) deserves it, but (probably) didn't deserve to be put in the hospital.

And Ben really thinks that Lucifer should put the crack pipe down, because there's no way he's going to go Fluffy the Angel Slayer for the Other Side, you know?

Ben wakes up hungover and cranky, hacks into Hell's website, and poses as Raz. Which backfires spectacularly when one of Raz's brothers decides to play a practical joke and sends them a venomous spider the size of a Pekingese. Raz makes him a list of magical items to obtain, and he goes out after them, only to run afoul of Simon again, who drugs him and hands him over to the tender mercies of Will's Pack. Which Simon then taunts Guri about.

And Ben wakes up in Gerard Wynter's basement, chained to the wall, and discovers that he's the newest (and unwillingest) member of Wynter's Pack. Razas is worried when he doesn't come home, and disguises it badly while Simon taunts him.

Will is a bit cranky about the whole situation, but at least Ben finally eats after three days. Simon gives Guri a little more insight into his motivations.

Raz gets a bit broody about redemption, and then Simon decides that it'll be a good idea to steal the grimoire and give it to Wynter. Razas and Giborel, Ben's new Guardian, have a long-ranging conversation while Ben's in an involuntarily-drug-induced sleep.

Guri wonders if he's being tested, and both Simon and Dad pay him a visit. Ben, in the meantime, doesn't particularly want to spend the full moon with his new Pack, but at least he wins a dominance fight and isn't the "Omega Pup" anymore. Giborel is beginning to realize what an "interesting" assignment this is. And Ben thinks he lives in "interesting times" and is unamused. Especially when he finds out that their demon prophet is a Fallen Seraph. But then Raz draws the protective circle on his chest that should stop demons from killing him, so Ben thinks all's right in his world, or as right as it can get at this point. Which, you know, it's not, actually.

Guri gets some time off and comes by for a visit, which goes about as well as it always does. Raph visits Ben in a dream about the gate and gives what comfort he can.

Will and Ben go on a field trip to Father Leo's church, where Will tells him he needs to fight smarter, not harder. Gib sees a light at the end of the tunnel and wonders if it's an oncoming train. He has a conversation with Michael that gives him a little more insight as to why Ben would trust a demon.

Wynter finally lets Ben go home, making it plain that he still considers Ben "his." And then Ben finds out that the sigil on his chest won't actually protect his life from demons. And, so, naturally, he confronts Raz about it. Which actually goes better than expected. Raz gives him a new sigil, and Ben verifies with Simon and Bel that it actually does what it's supposed to.

He makes a new friend (Siobhan) when he's locked in a cage with her. She finds him in a coffeeshop contemplating his new chest sigil. And then she's down because her demon boyfriend has to go into hiding. But then he's back and they're getting married and his wings have grown in! Ben falls afoul of some misguided Hunters, and Fran gets him cleaned up. And a demon comes after him, and Bel helps him out.

Siobhan has wings, and she asks him to look for Fran, whose shop has burnt down. Ben asserts that missing-persons cases are the worst, but tells Lester and Ghost that he'll do his best to find her.

Raz helps Ben clean house, and they enlist Simon's aid in getting a message to the Asylum. They also banish Nybbas, so maybe Ben can get some actual sleep. Ben talks to Guri, who tells him where he dropped Fran off, and also tells him more details about Jaf. Ben gets Siobhan in touch with Fran. He sees her later and she catches him up on the news, which is as good as can be expected.

Raz talks to Dad, with a little prodding from Jaf and a whole lot of WTF from Simon. And Janni comes home to find they've added a Hellhound to their household.

Siobhan has a birthday party, and Ben garners a new case. And Raph is excited that Dad's doing a new thing, but Simon's not as happy, and tries to get drunk, with minimal success. He gets to talk to Raz, finally, and decides he's happy for him. Gib and Guri are pretty pleased too, but Ben is a little freaked that both the grimoire and the sigil on his chest are glowing. But Raz finally comes home and tells Ben what he did. There is much rejoicing.

Ben gets stuck in elevators with Siobhan and Lester, and vows to take the stairs from here on out.

Simon gets a pet snake and shows him off to Guri. Ben meets Grace, a servant of Dad's. Simon gets think-y about traitors, which leads to Lucifer telling him to kill Guriel within two weeks, or else.

The Asylum brings the gate to LA, and Ben gets Fran to pray. He and Guri go to face off with it, and have a fine old time. Meanwhile, Simon admires Raz's new feathers, until Sahaquiel crash-lands in Ben's apartment and tells them that a spiritual gate has to fall before the physical one does. Simon goes haring up the hillside to tell them... well. Everything.

And then he repents. Which knocks down that spiritual gate.

After that, Ben and Guri kick down the physical gate. Guri nearly dies, but Simon pours out his newfound Grace and saves him. There is much rejoicing. Ben and Guri get Orders, and that's the end of the Prophecy Arc.
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Writer Info
Name: Julie
Age: 40mumble
Contact: werewolfhacker on AIM

Character Info
Name: Ben Lockwood
Age: (barely) 20, but looks about 35 or 40, due to genetic burning.
Status: Shapeshifter
Occupation: Private investigator
Personality: Sarcastic White Knight in Tarnished Armor. Ben was designed for speed and agility rather than brute strength, so his height is less-than-impressive and he's built more like a runner than a wrestler. He's a pretty mild-mannered guy on the surface, which he kind of has to be if he wants to keep his (human) cover intact. He is generally polite, especially to women and people older than he is. However, he despises people who think their money makes them special and other pompous jerks, and has a tendency to mutter sarcastic remarks under his breath around them. Doing it aloud has gotten him in trouble, more than once, and he's been conditioned hard to keep his disrespectful thoughts to himself.

He won't start a fight, but he will by-God finish one if you push him hard enough. Threatening a woman in his presence is right out. Don't even go there. This has been known to backfire when the woman in question didn't care for his interference, but he can no more not step in than he can stop breathing. In keeping with the lycanthropy, he has a hell of a temper and tries to keep a tight rein on it at all times, because if he lets go of the bridle, then people end up bleeding -- or dead. Under stress, he starts chopping his sentences and emphasizing words. If he's under a lot of stress, he completely loses his comma function and talks in long run-on sentences instead.

All he really wants in life right now is to live it in peace and keep his head down. He fears, more than anything, being caught and dragged back to that place to face whatever punishment fucking demons would dole out -- and he's seen some doozies, back before he knew demons were involved. In fact, he'd rather die than be caught. However. . . if he can find a way to take down the demon organization that created him? He'll grab that opportunity with both hands.

History: Ben Lockwood, deserter.

Not how he likes to think of himself. He showed early aptitude for the military, and he's been groomed for this his whole life. It is his life, has been since puberty hit.

His unit commander called him his "pet hacker," and Ben can crack most systems with a little effort and sometimes does so just for the hell of it. What he didn't count on was finding out that the Lycanthrope Division was funded and run by demons, which will teach him to poke around servers he's got no business sticking his nose in. He covered his tracks, shit his pants, and hoped like hell he wouldn't get caught.

Military installations are legitimate targets for his unique talents. But he doesn't remember signing up for taking out a busload of civilian kids, even if they're the kids of politicians and other powerful people. And then there was the sixteen-year-old girl, hiding her younger sister behind her with their backs to the overturned chassis, who lifted her chin and actually took a swing at him before he tore her throat out.

So Ben, at the tender age of 20, helped neutralize the objective. He said nothing, drank the celebratory toasts after it was done with the other (older) members of his unit, and seemed to go on like it hadn't affected him. But that girl's defiant face haunted his dreams, and he couldn't meet his own eyes in the mirror anymore when he shaved. The next time they sent him out, he rabbited. Picked up and went with the clothes on his back and the money in his wallet and not much else. Now he's on the run with a new identity in a new city.

Part of his MOS was forging documents -- and he's good enough at it that he's got a PI license and is making a fair living. These days, he mainly uses his skills to check on the financials of cheating spouses, and hides in plain sight among the humans, who have no idea there's a predator lurking among them. He just hopes he can keep it that way.

Skills, Talents, Abilities: As a trained soldier, he's proficient with most firearms, as well as bladed weapons and hand-to-hand combat. His favorite gun is a Micro Desert Eagle .380, which he's hardly ever without. He's also got quite a bit of skill with computers and is able to hack into servers, mess around, and cover his tracks effectively.

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Hey, everyone. My little netbook gave me the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death the other day, with an "Unmountable boot log" error, and we are, right now, a one-computer household. Thus my tags will be thin on the ground until the problem is resolved. Which sucks. I have an avenue or two I'm pursuing, but I may have to get a new computer when all is said and done. Unfortunately, I am not actually Ben, and I don't have Computer Whisperer skilz.


EDIT: Apparently an update from AVG is the culprit. I am downloading something that (hopefully) will fix it. Wish me luck.

Fixed with the aid of my neighbor, who is an IT guy. [wipes brow]
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Regular posting will now commence. As regular as I get, anyway...
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I'm going to be pretty much AFK for the next couple of days, starting tomorrow. Short vacation. Which, ARGH, because I'm in the middle of several really fun, plotty things with several really fun people ([ profile] guriel and [ profile] fearthefool, I'm looking at you, and don't try to hide, [ profile] defiant_bielski and [ profile] hermastersstar.)

I might be able to pop in and post once or twice...sometime. I'm not counting on it, however.

We should be back sometime on Saturday, I think. So! I have not abandoned our RPs! I am having way too much fun to do that. *smishes you all*


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