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The ENSLAVED AU ([livejournal.com profile] chains_of_grace) was dreamed up in all its heartbreaking glory by [livejournal.com profile] brings_to_light-mun), and after some tweaking of timelines and events and character, and with the collaboration of [livejournal.com profile] guriel-mun, I felt comfortable inserting Ben into it. It's gotten big enough to deserve its own activity log.

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Main Arc #1

Sep. 6th, 2020 11:00 am
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And the A-Team stuff goes in here too, because it, amazingly, tied in. This is why I love free-form RP. You never know what will happen.

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The [livejournal.com profile] takemy_love/Firefly Arc:

So, you know. Werewolves escaped Earth-that-was along with the rest of humanity. That's a given. Why not? After all, most of them were hiding among people, living their lives, paying their bills.

A hundred years before the Unification War, the Alliance had a pogrom:

Capture all werewolves. Put them in cages. Experiment.

Of course, Ben Lockwood was caught up in that. Intimately involved, as it were.

But Ben Lockwood has never been one to take such a thing lying down. When they broke into his apartment and killed his wife of four hundred years with no warning whatsoever...

Well. The gloves kind of come off after something like that. And you do not want to tangle with someone who has 400 years of combat experience, even if he is still on a cane. Because all you will do is underestimate him, and then be surprised when he hands your ass to you.

There are two timelines to this 'verse: The Werewolf Pogrom, and After the Unification War.
The posts (in chronological rather than actual order):

The Werewolf Pogrom
The Alliance is rounding up werewolves, and Janni is killed.
Ben sets up an ambush for the Alliance soldiers who killed Janni. And proceeds to scare himself and Guri.
They talk about Ben's Wrath Issues.
Ben tries to pray. Ain't too successful. They catch a tramp freighter to Shadow.
Mackey kills a whole shipload of people to get to Ben
They mount a rescue operation, walk into an ambush, and are captured themselves.
Mackey's got Ben chained up, and Ben has a decision to make.
They get to where Alex is and go for a run.
Janie finds him covered in blood.
Ben wonders if he's a lost sheep or a wolf among lambs.
Mackey and Pierce are trying to draw Ben out, and he gives himself to them in exchange for freedom for the other werewolves.
Ben doesn't like either the "murderer" or "martyr" option. Guri is horrified by his choice. Ben's not happy either.
Ben tries to talk to God. Who doesn't answer.
They visit Raz and Simon and go for a run.
Ben has a talk with Raz and breaks down.
Another talk with Raz, wherein he decides that wolfing for a couple of weeks is a good idea.
Hecate tells him he needs to convince his subconscious that he doesn't need to relive that every night.
A rather pensive conversation with the Prince of Sloth
A conversation with the Doctor. And the Master.
A talk with Robin Goodfellow bucks him up, oddly enough.
Simon tells him to talk to Dad God.
Ben's feeling better about things...
Until Shaitan grabs him.
Simon is frantic, and Julie offers to help.
Using the sigil to try to track Ben down goes disastrously wrong.
Three weeks later, they finally find him. Shattered.
Simon's brooding about how his Fallen brothers are assholes, and finds out the bartender is hiding from both Lu and Dad.
He tells Julie all about it.
He and Raz decide that all they can do is pray and hold their little brothers up to Dad.
Belial finds Ben suffering from withdrawal and sort of taunts him.
He talks to Julie, while Pal looks on suspiciously.
Guri does his best to help. And it does.
Ben feels better physically, anyway. Raz makes him stew and puts him to bed.
Ben wonders if God will go for a trifecta, but finally gets an answer to a prayer.
He finally gets Looked At by an Archangel, but why should Uriel be any different?
Repunzel, Smokey, and Kronk pay him a visit while he's watching the sheep.
He discusses buying a bison ranch with Raz.
Maybe he can give a time-traveling Bruce Banner a hand?
Janie offers him a hand if he ever needs one.
He buys a bison herd. And it's immediately possessed by demons.
Liwya offers comfort while he's praying in the park.
Raphael makes an appearance and heals what he can.
Ben resolves to get back up again.
Bruce hopes he's kidding about eating chipmunks.

Ben and Elle Woods have been captured by the Alliance.
Drinking with her in the aftermath

After the Unification War
An encounter with someone who thinks grenades are overkill. Pft.
They've turned Serenity Valley into a park. Ben throws up a little in his mouth.
They book passage on the Serenity.
Risa finds him after he's been shot by a mugger.
Janni's penguin is glowing.
He has a talk with a Companion.
And then a date with her.
Pondering past choices with Siobhan, a cute empath
Inara cleans him up after he tangles with a nasty demon
Dinner with Siobhan
It's Janni's birthday, and he's outside Siobhan's ship with a plush penguin, wolfed
Wolfed with a plush penguin in Inara's shuttle
Siobhan is caring for an old, dying cat.
She doesn't think she belongs to God. Ben reacts badly, which makes her sad.
Simon tries to explain Ben's "thinking" to her.
Ben talks to Guri about it and realizes he's being dumb.
So he goes back to her, plant and chocolates in hand, to see if he can salvage it, encountering Lester on the way.
Ben meets Siobhan's father, which could have gone both better and worse.
A conversation with Siobhan's friend Furby.
He talks to Lester again.
Cleaning the shuttle with Guri.
Siobhan takes him to a special place to cheer him up when he's having a bad day.
He plants one of those flowers at Janni's gravesite, which he's turned into a garden
A conversation with Lester about evil and lines.
Ben and Guri turn a corner of Janni's garden into a sanctuary for Fallen who are looking for some peace.
A demon comes after Siobhan -- and Ben has to bite her to save her life, while Guri gets Lester out of there.
Ben worries about MacMorris's reaction with Furby, Lester, Guri, and a demon...
With good reason, it turns out, as MacMorris reacts badly. And sadly.
Siobhan wolfs for the first time, Ben proposes and they get rings.
Ben meets Siobhan's brother Leon, and they take a mutual liking to each other.
Leon's in trouble, and Siobhan's not happy about it.
Ben finds out that Siobhan bit Lester. This complicates matters.
Siobhan reflects on the fact that she's Lester's mom, in every way that counts. Ben, fortunately, doesn't mind.
Leon got shot, and Siobhan is swearing about it.
MacMorris is still having a hard time with it all.
Ben asks Guri to officiate at the wedding and for Lester to be their ringbearer.
And he and Siobhan set an actual date.
Plans continue apace.
Siobhan gets to work on the flowers.
And Lester killed a guy by looking at him? Good times.
Lester's not killing people anymore. But the "cure" is blinding him, so, no.
Getting married, everyone's freaking

River's got a gun.
Dr. Tam doesn't want to pull that thing out of Ben's chest.

Main Arc #3

Sep. 5th, 2020 01:25 pm
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Fran says she's surrounded by dingo puppies. Belphegor lets everyone know that Hell is gunning for them. On the upside, Bel's also talked to Dad. Jaf has a theory about "sides" that he'd like to share. Simon talks to Raph and gets a hug from his big brother. Jaf wonders what redemption really means. Phanuel is cranky about the whole thing.

Guri doesn't like the stormy weather. And Bel is worried about those fragile, fragile humans. Ben ducks into a cafe to get out of the weather. Simon discovers that his wings are coming in with sparrow feathers, which leads to discussions with Siobhan and Bel. War wants him to bring her sister Death to her, but Raz points out what a bad idea that is. He has a talk with Ithuriel, who helps him figure out what his Purpose is now. This leads to a discussion with Siobhan about prayer.

War breaks out over all this, and Ben runs into a vampire who wants to help out. Then he runs into the Prince of Wrath and gets his ass handed to him. Bobbi cools his bruises and Raz chides him. Meanwhile, Fran also has an encounter with the Prince of Wrath, and Simon fixes her up and sends her to bed.

Phanuel kills Japhrimel and Falls, sending repercussions reverberating everywhere. Lester is upset with angels in general, and Giborel tries to comfort him. Ben and Guriel are mopping up, when they get the news. Simon's broken up about it; he gets Fran to Siobhan's house, gets a hug from Siobhan, has a conversation with Lester, and is taunted by War.

Ben goes missing, which makes Simon frantic. He's been taken by Shaitan, but Guri comes after him with a Century and rescues him. Turns out that flail chest kind of sucks. Raz gets babysitting duty while he heals up.

Jaf comes back, and there is much rejoicing. The deadline for Simon killing Guriel passes, and Lu actually lets him live.

Some asshole with a knife is after Lester, and Ben teaches him what a very bad idea that is. They all have a party on the beach. Ben takes Fran to the Chillin' Out to blow off some steam.

Shai takes Raz and Simon captive. Simon gets them free, and Raz indulges in a bout of self-loathing.

Ben would have helped Ghost dream himself back, but, as he points out, no one wants to be subjected to his dreams. Simon and Raz, meanwhile, have a discussion Jaf's new word for the un-Fallen -- "anahim," or "humbled ones" -- and decide it fits really well. Simon talks with Sariel, who is trying to find evidence for those Above that this is fine.

Ben is kidnapped by one of Shaitan's minions. Gib and Guri come riding to the rescue. Bel's wondering about his Purpose, which Simon tries to give him some insight into, and Michael is suspicious of the newly-un-Fallen. Ben has a conversation with Sariel about "interesting times."

Party at Fran's! Ben considers calling Naymon up again, for old times sake. He runs into Gina, who is an older version of Fran from the future and missed battle. And he runs into Caoihme, a version of Siobhan from the past. Yay, timey-wimey. Lester thinks Ben's "normal job" is creepy. He gives Fran a hug and has a conversation with Eliza, a phoenix, about all kinds of things.

Simon and Raz talk about deals, vis-a-vis the Man Called True's kidnapping. And Simon has a conversation with Sariel.

Ben gets a "normal" case, and talks to Fran, Eliza, and Lester about it. Of course, "normal" is relative, and things take a turn for the weird when it turns out their "cheating spouse" is actually hiding something else from his wife.

Simon talks Belphegor out of giving up his Grace for the sake of a war to overthrow Lu. He also helps Raz clean up Siobhan's basement. And Guri dies, as does Ben (twice), but that's just an AU for angst purposes.

Wynter pays Janni a visit, which she is unhappy about. Guri thinks that running is a problem, not a solution, so he and Ben run right into trouble, deliberately, in a biker bar -- dragging Gib into the middle of it, which he later commiserates with Sariel about. Ben has a conversation with Gabriel and catches him up on what's been going on vis a vis the anahim. And Thanksgiving goes well at the Lockwood residence after Guri invites, well, everyone who doesn't have some other place to be.

Jaf's going Home and invites Simon, but he declines. He talks with Belial about wings and repentance. Ben runs into a guy who's hunting the demon Savaka, also known as the Torture Technician. Whee.

Main Arc #5

Sep. 5th, 2020 01:15 pm
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Simon takes Paladin to the park and talks with three archangels (Sariel, Gabriel, and Michael), among other people. Mike tells him he should take up his "Kemahiel" moniker again. And he goes Christmas shopping with Jaf.

Ben's having nightmares. Again. Simon gets on Santa's Nice List and lets Robin know he's back. He tests out his new old Name, decides that "Kemi" fits him better, and finds out that Raz still wants to call him "Simon." And he's okay with that.

Ben garners a new missing-kid case, which goes about as well as they always do.
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That...could have been a whole lot worse than it was.

I had a nightmare last night that I didn't stop when Guriel told me to. Woke Janni up muttering "I'm sorry" over and over again. Then had to tell her I was sorry for, you know, waking her up after what she'd been through. She just wrapped around me and kissed my hair and told me to quit being silly. Like she does.

I so do not deserve either of them.

Lord, thank You, so very much, for sending the people into my life that You have. Help me be a better person...

Oh, and letting Guriel talk again would be ace.

Thank You and amen.

I envision pie in Guriel's future. Janni's baking, and she sent me out for ice cream.


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