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Character Name: Ben Lockwood ([livejournal.com profile] werewolf_hacker)
Race: human/werewolf

Ben Lockwood joined the Army right out of high school, completed Ranger training, and was serving a second tour in Afghanistan when his convoy was ambushed by insurgents. They tortured him for seven months, killed the other four survivors in front of him -- and infected him with lycanthropy. They proceeded to drive the wolf crazy, with wolfsbane over some moons (which forcibly and agonizingly kept him human), and by leaving innocents in his cell overnight on others after starving him for days. He thinks their plan was to eventually drop him into an American encampment on a full moon night, but before they could implement that scheme, he was rescued by the Special Forces and sent home.

He was terrified of himself, of what he'd do out in civilized society. But the idea of being institutionalized terrified him more, and the timing was such that he didn't have to tell anyone in authority, and they didn't find out before they medically discharged him. The wolf's personality (probably) calved off into a persona brought on by practically memorizing "The Jungle Book" as a young teen.

The angel trade never really pinged Ben's consciousness until he got back and found out that his parents, killed by a drunk driver while he was a POW, left him an angelus -- Guriel -- in a cage in his garage. Guriel was as crippled on the outside as Ben was on the inside, sporting a mutilated wing and a bad attitude. Exhausted and sick at heart, Ben gave the angel his binding ring and went back inside to kill himself. However, Guriel followed him in, and Ben let himself be talked out of suicide by the fact that the angel had literally nowhere to go that was safe from slavers. He offered Guriel a place to stay, and the three of them -- Ben, the wolf, and Guriel -- began feeling their way into some sort of relationship.

And now? Ben has found some kind of purpose in his life. The one major thing he is not okay with, after his experience, is keeping people in cages and torturing them -- and angels count as "people" in this context, for him, because he's not technically "people" either, right? He's freed two other angels, Ananchel, who runs the coffee shop he bought with her; and Toviel, whose ring he found in a pawnshop. He's also collected a wild angel, Kabniel, and his house has become a haven. He briefly had Mikhel, but that ended disastrously for everyone concerned -- and he gave Mikhel to Hannibal Smith, the only person on the planet Ben trusts to do right by him.

Part of this purpose entails, frankly, murder. He's killed several Hunters and has no compunctions whatsoever about killing more, especially if they come sniffing around his house. Ben is filled with rage and hurt and has focused it on stopping this injustice, sometimes in a brutal and bloody fashion.

The other part of his purpose entails making Guriel as whole as he can; the angel and his wolf (whom Guriel has named "Zev") have bonded incredibly closely, and the three of them form a tightly-knit core Pack.

Ben has scars. A lot of them. If you try to heal them, it may work -- temporarily. But they are demon-induced, and they will come back. Even if you're a Healer angel.
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Writer Info
Name: Julie
Age: 40mumble
Contact: werewolfhacker on AIM

Character Info
Name: Ben Lockwood
Age: (barely) 20, but looks about 35 or 40, due to genetic burning.
Status: Shapeshifter
Occupation: Private investigator
Personality: Sarcastic White Knight in Tarnished Armor. Ben was designed for speed and agility rather than brute strength, so his height is less-than-impressive and he's built more like a runner than a wrestler. He's a pretty mild-mannered guy on the surface, which he kind of has to be if he wants to keep his (human) cover intact. He is generally polite, especially to women and people older than he is. However, he despises people who think their money makes them special and other pompous jerks, and has a tendency to mutter sarcastic remarks under his breath around them. Doing it aloud has gotten him in trouble, more than once, and he's been conditioned hard to keep his disrespectful thoughts to himself.

He won't start a fight, but he will by-God finish one if you push him hard enough. Threatening a woman in his presence is right out. Don't even go there. This has been known to backfire when the woman in question didn't care for his interference, but he can no more not step in than he can stop breathing. In keeping with the lycanthropy, he has a hell of a temper and tries to keep a tight rein on it at all times, because if he lets go of the bridle, then people end up bleeding -- or dead. Under stress, he starts chopping his sentences and emphasizing words. If he's under a lot of stress, he completely loses his comma function and talks in long run-on sentences instead.

All he really wants in life right now is to live it in peace and keep his head down. He fears, more than anything, being caught and dragged back to that place to face whatever punishment fucking demons would dole out -- and he's seen some doozies, back before he knew demons were involved. In fact, he'd rather die than be caught. However. . . if he can find a way to take down the demon organization that created him? He'll grab that opportunity with both hands.

History: Ben Lockwood, deserter.

Not how he likes to think of himself. He showed early aptitude for the military, and he's been groomed for this his whole life. It is his life, has been since puberty hit.

His unit commander called him his "pet hacker," and Ben can crack most systems with a little effort and sometimes does so just for the hell of it. What he didn't count on was finding out that the Lycanthrope Division was funded and run by demons, which will teach him to poke around servers he's got no business sticking his nose in. He covered his tracks, shit his pants, and hoped like hell he wouldn't get caught.

Military installations are legitimate targets for his unique talents. But he doesn't remember signing up for taking out a busload of civilian kids, even if they're the kids of politicians and other powerful people. And then there was the sixteen-year-old girl, hiding her younger sister behind her with their backs to the overturned chassis, who lifted her chin and actually took a swing at him before he tore her throat out.

So Ben, at the tender age of 20, helped neutralize the objective. He said nothing, drank the celebratory toasts after it was done with the other (older) members of his unit, and seemed to go on like it hadn't affected him. But that girl's defiant face haunted his dreams, and he couldn't meet his own eyes in the mirror anymore when he shaved. The next time they sent him out, he rabbited. Picked up and went with the clothes on his back and the money in his wallet and not much else. Now he's on the run with a new identity in a new city.

Part of his MOS was forging documents -- and he's good enough at it that he's got a PI license and is making a fair living. These days, he mainly uses his skills to check on the financials of cheating spouses, and hides in plain sight among the humans, who have no idea there's a predator lurking among them. He just hopes he can keep it that way.

Skills, Talents, Abilities: As a trained soldier, he's proficient with most firearms, as well as bladed weapons and hand-to-hand combat. His favorite gun is a Micro Desert Eagle .380, which he's hardly ever without. He's also got quite a bit of skill with computers and is able to hack into servers, mess around, and cover his tracks effectively.

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