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The ENSLAVED AU ([livejournal.com profile] chains_of_grace) was dreamed up in all its heartbreaking glory by [livejournal.com profile] brings_to_light-mun), and after some tweaking of timelines and events and character, and with the collaboration of [livejournal.com profile] guriel-mun, I felt comfortable inserting Ben into it. It's gotten big enough to deserve its own activity log.

And under a cut, because, dude. )
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Ben is kidnapped by Elle Bishop's dad and becomes the star attraction of his illegal fighting Pit -- or he would be if he hadn't refused to fight. Bob accidentally figures out the trigger for the Predator, however, so the next fight should be a little more exciting. Ben also meets Gavriel, a fellow captive.

In the meantime, Guriel is frantically hunting for him. Unfortunately, he doesn't find his Packmate before Ben ends up back in the arena, and this time the Predator practically eats his opponent. Charlie tries the "let's be friends" approach with minimal luck.

But Guriel gets a tip from their cop friend, and he's haring off to the rescue with Castle and Elle Woods and Saha.

Several days later, they venture out of the house for the first time to visit Ben's Mom's grave, which nearly ends in disaster when they get pulled over for a seat belt violation and Ben has a pretty spectacular meltdown. When they get home, Zev makes his first appearance since the kidnapping.

Elle's father is killed. She suspects Ben, but in a bid for normalcy, she visits him and they make plans for a trip to that beach in Baja.

Ben hasn't been able to sleep much, so he and Guriel head to the park and see if a nap in the open will help. Ben ends up with a severe head injury when a guy clocks him on the head with a tire iron. And he visits Tziporel, who fell out of a tree and broke his arm. He also helps Cap'n Murdock put some flags up for Memorial Day.

Elle Woods comes over with a news article painting her as a hypocrite, and they give her what encouragement they can. A couple of days later, Guriel decides to take a huge step... and flies. Best. Day. Ever.

They take down another Black Market operation, but it don't ever go smooth. Neither does enjoying a day in the park. Maybe a day at the beach with Elle B. and Zepar will go better.

Elle W. comes by and finds Ben freaking out because he can't find Zev. They manage to get that straightened out, only for Guriel to be ambushed by the Suit from their most recent Black Market takedown.

Tziporel wonders about his mom, and Ben finds her in the database. So he and Guriel make a deal with the evangelist who owns her.

Elle Bishop comes over and meets Ben's new puppy. And Ben and Guriel find out what's happened to Tziporel's dad. They rescue him, reunite him with Tziporel and Zivael, and add a new member to their Pack -- Rachmiel. The three of them go shopping, which could have gone better, but also could have gone worse.

Ben gets stuck in an elevator with Tziporel and introduces him to the Jungle Books.

Ben's doing recon and finds out that Elle B. has inherited Daddy's business. He is displeased, but she's going to help him take it down. Later, he has a nightmare about her.

Ben and Guriel celebrate the anniversary of the day they met. Ben and Elle go on a real date. Kissage ensues, and Ben has to tell Guriel that he and Elle might be an item now, which is all kinds of fun. Especially when she's late for their next date (because she's been taken by her partners) and Ben has to tell Guriel that she inherited everything when her dad was killed. In the process of rescuing her, she gets accidentally wolferized, and she's unhappy about it. Guriel tells him why he was so upset with Ben not telling him, and they go out for pie. And he's still really pissed at Elle. Ben and Guriel save the angels and torch the Pit, but Ben's taken. A few days later, he shows up on Elle's doorstep, starving. She feeds him, and he goes home, much to Guriel and Rachmiel's relief.

Castle shows up again, and Guriel vents at him while Ben is a bit more pensive. Ben helps Zethel make cinnamon rolls and meets Lester, a half-demon kid who's taken refuge at the safehouse.

He talks with Sariel about the Guriel&Elle situation. And then he has it out with Guriel and assures him that what he fears won't happen, along with getting some insight as to why Guriel fears this as much as he does. Ben and Guriel rescue Tabris from frat boys and a demon. Elle's first full moon arrives, and he's there to walk her through it.

Guriel and Elle have another conversation and possibly hash out some of their differences. Guriel encounters one of his Fallen brothers and exchanges snark. Ben, Rachmiel, and Guriel decorate the Christmas tree. Ben feeds Elle a steak. And then they all have a yoga session.
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Character Name: Ben Lockwood ([livejournal.com profile] werewolf_hacker)
Race: human/werewolf

Ben Lockwood joined the Army right out of high school, completed Ranger training, and was serving a second tour in Afghanistan when his convoy was ambushed by insurgents. They tortured him for seven months, killed the other four survivors in front of him -- and infected him with lycanthropy. They proceeded to drive the wolf crazy, with wolfsbane over some moons (which forcibly and agonizingly kept him human), and by leaving innocents in his cell overnight on others after starving him for days. He thinks their plan was to eventually drop him into an American encampment on a full moon night, but before they could implement that scheme, he was rescued by the Special Forces and sent home.

He was terrified of himself, of what he'd do out in civilized society. But the idea of being institutionalized terrified him more, and the timing was such that he didn't have to tell anyone in authority, and they didn't find out before they medically discharged him. The wolf's personality (probably) calved off into a persona brought on by practically memorizing "The Jungle Book" as a young teen.

The angel trade never really pinged Ben's consciousness until he got back and found out that his parents, killed by a drunk driver while he was a POW, left him an angelus -- Guriel -- in a cage in his garage. Guriel was as crippled on the outside as Ben was on the inside, sporting a mutilated wing and a bad attitude. Exhausted and sick at heart, Ben gave the angel his binding ring and went back inside to kill himself. However, Guriel followed him in, and Ben let himself be talked out of suicide by the fact that the angel had literally nowhere to go that was safe from slavers. He offered Guriel a place to stay, and the three of them -- Ben, the wolf, and Guriel -- began feeling their way into some sort of relationship.

And now? Ben has found some kind of purpose in his life. The one major thing he is not okay with, after his experience, is keeping people in cages and torturing them -- and angels count as "people" in this context, for him, because he's not technically "people" either, right? He's freed two other angels, Ananchel, who runs the coffee shop he bought with her; and Toviel, whose ring he found in a pawnshop. He's also collected a wild angel, Kabniel, and his house has become a haven. He briefly had Mikhel, but that ended disastrously for everyone concerned -- and he gave Mikhel to Hannibal Smith, the only person on the planet Ben trusts to do right by him.

Part of this purpose entails, frankly, murder. He's killed several Hunters and has no compunctions whatsoever about killing more, especially if they come sniffing around his house. Ben is filled with rage and hurt and has focused it on stopping this injustice, sometimes in a brutal and bloody fashion.

The other part of his purpose entails making Guriel as whole as he can; the angel and his wolf (whom Guriel has named "Zev") have bonded incredibly closely, and the three of them form a tightly-knit core Pack.

Ben has scars. A lot of them. If you try to heal them, it may work -- temporarily. But they are demon-induced, and they will come back. Even if you're a Healer angel.


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